A Late Discovery: Embracing the Magic of Wine at the age of 33

Wine, often referred to as the nectar of the gods, I realised is a powerful storyteller and life-changer a year ago!

Wine has the extraordinary ability to captivate hearts and inspire passions. For one wine enthusiast, the journey into the enchanting world of wine began at the age of 33, in a place where the grapevines seemed to whisper secrets of generations past.

Meet me, Blazhka, most known as Blagichka, whose family has been deeply rooted in the tradition of grape harvesting and winemaking for more than seven decades.

Growing up, I was no stranger to the vineyards and the rituals of the harvest season that back then I disliked because I wanted to play with the kids at the playground not to pick up grapes… Until a transformative experience in Pamplona, Spain in October 2022 that I truly understood the magic and love that wine could bring.

The revelation occurred during a work visit to Spain, a country renowned for its rich viticultural history and world-class wines. I found myself at a captivating wine tasting event, led by a masterful woman sommelier who seemed to possess an almost mystical connection with the wines.

On the photo: The woman that showed me the magic of wine

As I entered the elegant building where bottles of wine were already opened (later I realised why and in another article I will explain thoroughly), the air was heavy with the fragrance of aging oak barrels and the promise of an extraordinary journey. I took a seat among friends and fellows – some of them wine enthusiasts and others soon to become such, and the sommelier began to unveil the stories behind each bottle.

The first sip was a revelation.

A Spanish Tempranillo (might have been other as well, memories are too old) danced on my palate, revealing layers of flavours and a depth I had never before encountered. It was as if the wine held within it the essence of the sun-soaked Spanish vineyards and the history of generations of winemakers.

wine tasting

I was not just sipping wine; I was experiencing a profound connection to a centuries-old tradition. With each glass, I felt the magic of wine seeping into my soul, and the love for this elixir blossomed.

The enchantment of that evening in Spain did not stop at the wine itself. It became a catalyst for a profound change in my life. I returned back home in Bulgaria with a newfound devotion to the world of wine. Free time that was once spent on other pursuits was now dedicated to exploring the complexities of wine.

I delved into books about viticulture, enrolled in wine sommelier and appreciation courses, visited vineyards to learn from seasoned winemakers. The knowledge and appreciation I gained were complemented by an ever-growing collection of fine wines from around the world (ok, it’s not really growing because soon after buying some wine I found myself drinking them).

My family tradition of grape harvesting and wine production suddenly took on a new and deeper significance. I began to actively participate in the family’s winemaking processes, bringing fresh ideas and a passion for wine that had been awakened in Spain.

My journey with wine, though it began later in life, has become an enduring love affair.

It’s a testament to the timeless magic of wine, which can ignite a passion at any age (above 18 years old) and connect us to traditions that have spanned generations. For me, the enchantment of that Spanish wine tasting has become a life-altering journey into the profound world of viticulture and oenology, where every bottle is a portal to history, culture, and the unending magic of the vine.

wine tasting

Happy faces and impressive interior in the oldest building in Pamplona, Spain

I eagerly anticipate sharing my knowledge and experiences with wine in a romantic and enchanting manner, in the hopes of sparking your curiosity and passion for the world of wine.



Doha, Qatar


wine tasting

Some more wine moments after my first wine tasting ever!

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